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Some of Zimbabwe’s Television presenters who made yesteryear viewing

The art of television presenting constitutes the spine that gives a production stability, flair and charm essential in keeping the viewers engaged. Over the years Zimbabwe’s television programming has been graced by presenters who have crossed beyond the usual to deliver outstanding viewing experience. It might be impossible to exhaust the entire list of television personalities whose craft remains inscribed in memory, however below are a few notable figures appearing in no particular order.


In the early 2000s Zimbabwe aired the television program Esandleni Somusa which was presented by Busi Sibanda. The program followed through the stories of different individuals who were going through different life predicaments and were in desperate need of assistance. Busi’s presenting skills made the program emotionally appealing and her signature tone in delivering the different calls for help was hard to wash off. As opposed to the common approach in television presenting of emotional detachment, Busi would effortlessly become one with her subjects, sharing into their pain and struggles. In several episodes she allowed the course of human emotions to run through even in front of the camera with either a breaking voice or tear dimmed eyes. Esandleni Somusa is no longer on air but Busi Sibanda’s presenting skills remain immortalized.


The yesteryear reggae and dancehall show titled Rockers Vibes had Trevor Hall as one of its remarkable presenters. The man demonstrated that in television presenting one is not just a mere passive bridge between songs or segments in an episode but is also a functional part of a show. Trevor Hall combined his bubbly appeal in presenting with a sprinkle of historical narratives that shed light on aspects of black consciousness and its correlation with reggae music.


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The late Sithokozile Mpala brought some flair and charm to television news reading, a sector which is usually defined by a strict code of conduct. While she retained the seriousness expected in the delivery of her assignment on-air, she had a distinct mastery of the local languages which she juggled with intelligence to stir an appeal. Years have gone past but Sithokozile Mpala’s television presenting skills remain etched in memory.


Before the yesteryear weekends kicked in to wrap up the busy weeks, the dynamic duo of Eric Knight and John Phiri would be faithful forerunners setting the tone of enjoyment on Zimbabwe’s television every Thursday with their musical show Mutinhimira wemimhanzi/ Ezomgido. The duo in-between the presented music videos would either exchange blows of humor which many viewers developed an appetite for due to their comic relief. Eric Knight and John Phiri commanded a huge viewership on Mutinhimira wemimhanzi/Ezomgido not only for presenting music videos but also for providing authentic insights into Zimbabwe’s yesteryear music sector.   

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Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
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