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The Importance of Media Engagement In The Growth of The Arts Industry

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The Importance of Media Engagement In The Growth of The Arts Industry

The creative space might have all the necessary elements deserving admiration and applause but without utilizing the power of different media outlets like television, radio, print and online platforms, all the enthralling beauty and messages behind the vast body of artworks might struggle to reach the intended populations. Below is a breakdown on how media engagement is an important factor in the growth of the creative industry.

By Tawanda Mupatsi


Regurgitation of old ideas and the recycling of same old players sometimes creates an unpleasant atmosphere of contempt towards a section of art. As the human mind is driven by a perpetual sense of adventure, to search for and experience something novel and refreshing. New talent that harnesses the power of media in publicizing its varying art forms that range from visual arts, music, dance, theatre or film can therefore fill this void. However, it has to be noted that while the media can unearth new talent, artists have the sole responsibility of making sure that their works are not mediocre, anything pursued below this mark is like putting lipstick on a frog.


A forthcoming music concert, a film premiere on the cards or even an exhibition all thrive on the effective dissemination of information through the media outlets to reach a mass audience.

In 2020 VICE released a 25-minute documentary titled The Story of ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy where the power of media in amplifying a brand was demonstrated. The story has it that after the Jamaican-American singer Shaggy had worked on the song ‘It Wasn’t Me’ it was initially dismissed as ‘junk’ by his associates only to be later downloaded online by a radio DJ from Hawaii by the name Pablo Sato who played it in his state until other international radio stations caught wind of it and also started playing the track in their respective countries.

The song later became a global hit and set the musical path of Shaggy on a positive trajectory. While this illustrates the ability of media in amplifying a creative brand there are certain factors to note when engaging with media outlets which include timing. A brand cannot expect to achieve miraculous results when starting media engagements two days before an event.

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The creative sector is one fun-filled but equally taxing industry, in the mix and strain of matters some creatives become accustomed to hearing sweet praises towards their artistic creations even if at times they don’t deserve all the veneration. In calling a spade a spoon critical details are muffled which could have been handy in encouraging growth in the arts industry. An impartial voice in the form of arts critics in media becomes needful in giving balanced assessments and constructive criticism towards given creative efforts. In art the media is never a foe to be avoided but a companion that is prepared to spell both the favorable and the distasteful. 


The multiple disciplines of art today have been built on the foundations of those who came before us. It’s prudent to engage the media to profile the ongoing trends, styles and methods employed in the execution of different creative projects for the benefit of the new crop of artists that shall emerge in the future so that they will have a more elevated pedestal to build further upon. Arts history which remains undocumented is bound to get lost only to remerge elsewhere, rewritten in tones we don’t identify with. 

Picture – Nicole Jamu, Nutty O, Opprah Manyika on set Eloquent Insights

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Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
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