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The Gwevedzi-Nyasha Murada Breakup: Heartbreaks and Good Music 

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The Gwevedzi-Nyasha Murada Breakup: Heartbreaks and Good Music 

In 2023 music broke my heart. 

I have been an avid music stan from as far back as I can remember. I have also been lucky to write about music professionally for the last six years but in all those years, I had never felt physical pain as a result of music.  2023 changed all that.

By Tawanda Mupatsi

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love Zimbabwean artists and the different ways they package their music. Amid all the affection and love I have for Zimbabwean musical artistry, there is one brand that stood out for me and that is Gwevedzi

My love for Gwevedzi was contagious and as the years went by, it reached a point of obsession. From heartbreaks, celebrations, depression, and even global conflicts, there was always a Gwevedzi song that fit the situation perfectly. That is the level of wit and artistry the band had blessed us with. Unfortunately at what seemed the height of their exponential rise, Gwevedzi decided to part ways with their lead singer Nyasha Murada. I was heartbroken to the core. 

When the breakup came about, the heartbreak was a little too overwhelming for me to get on my keyboard and rant about how hurt I was. It has been nearly half a year since the breakup happened and I owe it to myself to talk about how surprisingly well things have turned out for both Gwevedzi and Nyasha Murada. My predictions and “prophecies of doom” seem to have all been wrong.

The Fate of the Music 

Since the breakup which seems by all accounts to have been amicable Nyasha Murada and Gwevedzi have both taken different paths. The good news though is that both paths have provided nothing but good music for us the audience. 

Nyasha Murada Delivers More than Just One Experience

Nyasha Murada who left Gwevedzi in pursuit of a solo career, did exactly that. Surprisingly in the short period he has been solo he has made steady steps and the impact is commendable. The dreadlocked crooner released his first solo track titled Tariro early this year. The song produced by Eternity Records is quite soothing to the music palate. I expected his first solo release to be good but the perfection that Nyasha Murada served was beyond any flicker of my imagination. 

Nyasha has always been a talented vocalist and with this fresh blend of the mbira-centric sound we had grown to love with a modern new feel courtesy of Eternity Records, he outdid himself. Tariro a song that speaks of hope was also accompanied by a music video and it had Diaspora TikTok in quite a frenzy. 

Breaking away from a band and setting out on your own is a peak task. For most artists, it has proven impossible but for Nyasha he seems to be right on the Baba Harare imprint. He has been performing at several venues weekly and his social media has been having a wave of positive reception every time he posts. After the success of Tariro, Nyasha Murada went on to release three more singles as part of what he termed the #JustOneExperience project. The new sound seems to be a masterstroke and I love it already. 

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Gwevedzi Marches On 

Losing your lead vocalist in a band is a nightmare that no band out there should ever experience. For Gwevedzi though, they are lucky that Zimbabwe is a vocalist paradise. The band has replaced Nyasha Murada with the versatile Elisha Rupiya who is in his own right a top-tier vocal talent. From the snippets that that the band has been posting on social media, we might be set for an exciting reinvention of the band. The rest of the band is still intact and with the addition of Eisha Rupiya to the vocals, there is a new edge to their sound which for me is quite a refreshing sound shift. 

One thing that has helped me heal faster though is the fact that both Gwevedzi and Nyasha Murada seem to be on good terms. Nyasha Murada released a song as part of his #JustOneExperience project that featured Gwevedzi. Gwevedzi also managed to release their much-anticipated album titled One which features Nyasha Murada. The album is a gem and I could talk about it all day but that is a story for another day. 

The group has also opened up a well-equipped rehearsal space at Theatre in the Park for other artists to rehearse for their live sets. We have been crying of spaces like this for years and seeing Gwevedzi providing solutions to problems that have plagued the industry for years is quite refreshing. If you are an artist that is something you should check out. 

As painful as the breakup was, I have learned to look at it as an expansion of the music I love in different directions rather than a breakup. As I mend slowly, I can always reminisce on the bend singing this part at the National Art Gallery.

“Chimwe nechimwe chine nguva”

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Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
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