3 Steps For Making Political Songs Without Losing Fans

The game is dirty and it has to be handled with gloves to a certain level that not only protects the artist from being misunderstood by the fans his loves but also to ensure the artistes protection from extremist adherents.

BlaqDiva Quin demands the Zim Hip Hop Crown

There is a new dope hip hop chick in town! She makes a grand entry demanding the crown. Could it be too soon? Well, i think judging by her zeal and lyrical dexterity she could unsettle the power matrix in  the Zim Hip Hop kingdom. By Plot Mhako Nobuntu Mnkandla aka Blaq Diva Quin is…

Word! Tehn Diamond to run for Presidency

Hip Hop star Tehn Diamond has just announced that he wants to be president. Wow! I know right? I salute his dream and one day we may possibly be digging for his post and celebrating how a rapper foretold a dream that came true.