Red flag on security and safety at music concerts events

The recent accident at Kinnah Birthday Bash raises a red flag on an area that the Zimbabwean showbiz scene has taken for granted for years. Safety and security of artists, crew and audience at venues remain a matter decided by fate. Promoters are more concerned with making money at any cost even when the lives of both those performing and in attendance are exposed to great risk. 

Cymplex basks in the glory of Starfm recognition

Despite its contribution to the social cohesion and employment creation, the arts industry remains underatted and less appreciated in Zimbabwe. The situation is worse for those that work behind the scenes. Often times we only see the music stars and give them all the credit without realising the people who put in the work to make the hits. The producers. Such is the case of one of the country’s finest music producers who boasts of many of the hits that dominated 2018 Cymplex.

Enzo Ishall is the King of Zimdancehall in 2018

Enzo Ishall owns 2018. The dancehall star who had several hits this year that also made it into the Top 50 outwitted most seasoned artists to claim the pole position with th hit Kanjiva produced by Level and Dj Tamuka on the Avion (TamuLevel)Riddim.

Zimdancehall queen Faceless finally unmasks

She burst on to the fiercely contested Zimdancehall scene as the bad girl clad in a face mask. Unstoppable and dropping militant jams the 21 year old Bindura girl never gave away her real identity for two years and the mystery continued not until today. As she drops an X-Rated track titled Real F)&$ a…

Major E bounces back, affirms Eldership in new joint with Dizzy Dee

At one time there was no debate on who the best Dancehall chanter and lyricist in Zimbabwe was. Highfield´s Ephraim Mushore affectionately known as Major E was the undisputed champion. He set the foundation for what was later to be known as Zimdancehall. He bounces back in a duet with Dizzy Dee.

ExQ the last man standing: His survival magic

“If artists want to survive in the music industry they should learn from ExQ.” He is a true survivor.”
One of the very few survivors from the Urban Grooves era who has not only remained relevant but has continously reinvented himself and managed to stay in the premier league of music. 

Winky D _ The Poor People`s Devotee

“These are social ills making the poor poorer, so youths should be wise and realise that life over death, good over evil and guidance over impulse. However, usually poor people take these whilst trying to adapt to harsh conditions but hey, this is no escape route, we just have to stay focussed”