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Zimdancehall Artists Must Balance Internet Fame And The Streets Plug

“However, internet fame sometimes is misleading and overrated especially when making reference to Zimdancehall. The major fan base of Zimdancehall lies within the streets of the ghettos”, Writes Argus Mepo

Whatsapp Warriors running the ZimDancehall streets!

hey are connected to other Warriors in other towns and cities and other Road Warriors (vanoisira vanhu music mumaPhone) who then export the music further afield. They have the goodwill of promoters, music producers, artists managers, and artists. They don’t only push the songs but videos, news, and help promote shows. They have their own value chain deep-rooted in piracy, affiliation and proximity to musicians which gives them powerful street cred.

Red flag on security and safety at music concerts events

The recent accident at Kinnah Birthday Bash raises a red flag on an area that the Zimbabwean showbiz scene has taken for granted for years. Safety and security of artists, crew and audience at venues remain a matter decided by fate. Promoters are more concerned with making money at any cost even when the lives of both those performing and in attendance are exposed to great risk.