Chibhakera kana Mbama : The 2018 Affair

Yo peeps! its been a span. Earground had gone on the Ground to check out whats popping on the streets of Zimbabwe. Well, a lot is going down. So much politix and politricking going on as the country braces itself for the most anticipated general elections set for the 30th of July. Traditionally artists are…

Highfield band Pachena spreads its jam across the world

Hailing from Highfield in Harare, the youthful but versatile and monster talented outfit formed in 2015 perfected their craft in their neighborhood which caught the attention of a promoter in Germany where they are now based since last year.

Mapfumo the Revolution. A voice that will reverberate for generations

Mukanya provided views ranging from Zimdancehall to piracy. In all the interviews he gave,the most prominent matter was that of piracy. The debate on piracy is key if our industry is to go forward simply because the issues obtaining on the ground are different from many people’s understanding of the problem. We dig deep on the issue.

Word! Tehn Diamond to run for Presidency

Hip Hop star Tehn Diamond has just announced that he wants to be president. Wow! I know right? I salute his dream and one day we may possibly be digging for his post and celebrating how a rapper foretold a dream that came true.