The Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust (ZIFFT) regrets to announce the cancellation of its 21st edition of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) which had been scheduled to run from the 14th to 21st September under the theme “Owning Our Story”.


The year 2018 is gone and we are one month into 2019, the narrative remains the same. The Zimbabwean arts sector just like the country seems perpetually dogged by bickering, struggles and is in a defacto survival mode. Whether we have an industry or not remains debatable. 

Gary Tight breathes new life into Vanhu Vatema

Calling on the Almighty to intervene and for people to rally together and unite for the better of the country, the video brings out minimalist yet visually compelling images aptly resonating with the prevailing economic unrest in the country. 

Dancehall star Winky D speaks on Kwekwe violent attack incident

Zimbabwean dancehall superstar Winky D who recently escaped a vigilante attack in Kwekwe as he made his way to the stage has finally broken his silence. “We were also offered an escort of 21 bouncers, 15 police men with dogs and 10 military personnel.”

RTC aint here to play games

I never wanted to be like anyone who was out there. I want it to be the first time anyone has ever heard anything like that. I had to pave my own way, hustling to get by because I have faith in my music and know what iam capable of.

MTM , the myths, conspiracies and the facts so far

Each week there is one or two issues that pop up and they become the centre of attraction driving the rumour mill and social media into a frenzy. Well, this week we saw the pulling down of Table weDzinza´s latest video Teleunga by Dj Tamuka drawing a lot of scorn and talk.

Vera courts American musician in new sizzling song

There are songs that when they hit you for the first time you instantly know its a banger. That was the effect from a new collabo joint by Funky _ Jazz artist Vera and American artist Kojo which was produced by United Arab Emirates based Daynjr titled Grab My Waist.

ExQ the last man standing: His survival magic

“If artists want to survive in the music industry they should learn from ExQ.” He is a true survivor.”
One of the very few survivors from the Urban Grooves era who has not only remained relevant but has continously reinvented himself and managed to stay in the premier league of music. 

Huby Blakes`Kuroja chete video captivating and colourful

Huby Blakes` latest offering will bring  fond memories to the old and charm the younger generation who most will relate with the message and be moved by the Afropop sound mixed together with a feel of sungura and hip hop bars. The video is too lit! The storyline is simple yet so relatable and captured by a great music director one Sir Peter.