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Fadza Mutengi Wedoro : A Microcosm of The Showbiz Industry

The Fadza Mutengi Wedoro mantra is a reflection of what is currently taking place in the Zimbabwean arts sector. Artists have been taking turns to hero worship music promoters, producers and radio deejays inorder to receive musical favours. If left unchecked this rogue behavior in the arts sector will either build or kill a lot of talent.

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Open letter to The Stallion _ Enzo IShall _ by Marshall Shonhai

Dear Enzo, I hope I find you well and trust you have started this year of our Lord 2020 very well. You have been on my mind for a while now and I have decided to pen this letter to you. I could have put it in your inbox but decided to write it openly so that all of us can draw some lessons from how I have personally interpreted some of the key events in your musical journey in the just-ended year.