I honestly think we should give them a chance, i believe in their vision and I know they have the resource to backup that vision. No need to throw the baby away with the bath water here.  Sunday was bad, granted, but we all deserve a second chance right? 

Dear Enzo, I hope I find you well and trust you have started this year of our Lord 2020 very well. You have been on my mind for a while now and I have decided to pen this letter to you. I could have put it in your inbox but decided to write it openly so that all of us can draw some lessons from how I have personally interpreted some of the key events in your musical journey in the just-ended year.

Eve Kawadza was born in Buhera on the 12th of August 1988. She spent her early years in Rusape with her paternal Grandmother and later came to Harare when she was 4 years old in time for her to start her preschool. She did her Primary school at Houghton Park Primary School in Waterfalls in Harare and did her O’level at Howard High School in Chiweshe and came back to Harare and did her A Level at Harare High School in Mbare popularly known as Danho. She proceeded to the University of Zimbabwe where she did her Bachelor Of Arts Degree BA General.

Epic! That is the word to describe those performances and I want to single out Courtney Antipas Sharon Manyika Machingura Michael Mahendere Kudakwashe Mutsvene and Janet Manyowa for those big acts with a very special mention to Ngonidzashe Mavera Aka Prophecy! His set was ridiculous! It’s been a long time since I’ve watched someone put on a real show and he did just that. The high energy, the dancers and the delivery was simply exceptional. His double up with my boy Takura Shonhai on Jehova was what can I say? Sick! In hip hop lingo. It was amazing to say the least. It’s a clean bill of health for the PERMICANS from me. A thumbs up!