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Jah Prayzah and Winky D Concert: Gateway Stream announces Refunds

Gateway Stream has written to everyone who bought tickets for the event that they will be getting a refund. The tickets were selling for USD$2 or local equivalence.

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7 Zimbabwean Artists with distinct Signature tropes in their Music

It is, after all, this particular reality that makes us anticipate new projects without hearing any of them: we have a safe bet of what’s coming: Winky D will mix social commentary with a heavily metaphoric song about wooing a girl, King Shaddy has some crazy Danmore story to tell, JP will feature a young African superstar or two while the lead single will feature a rural or ghetto Zim story. Standard.

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2018: Year of the underdogs

The year 2018 was the year that the underdogs came to the party and delivered in the music front. The big dogs had the carpet pulled from under their feet without them realizing. The usual main actors did not realize that the script had been flipped and they somehow continued reading from the wrong script only to realize at the end when none gave the usual cheer. Trevor Mawaka takes us through.