There has been an ongoing debate about hit-songs in songs in Zimbabwe for 2021 with many submissions pointing out that there have been no hit-songs this year. I beg to differ and here are some of my reasons:

Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) is often under fire for its apparent lack of transparency, especially when it comes to dishing out appropriate royalties. Thus, when the organization announced in May that it would be distributing $23 Million in royalties to local artists, the air was filled with excitement. After all, this figure was almost $20 million dollars more than the $4 Million distributed last year.

It is, after all, this particular reality that makes us anticipate new projects without hearing any of them: we have a safe bet of what’s coming: Winky D will mix social commentary with a heavily metaphoric song about wooing a girl, King Shaddy has some crazy Danmore story to tell, JP will feature a young African superstar or two while the lead single will feature a rural or ghetto Zim story. Standard.