2018: Year of the underdogs

The year 2018 was the year that the underdogs came to the party and delivered in the music front. The big dogs had the carpet pulled from under their feet without them realizing. The usual main actors did not realize that the script had been flipped and they somehow continued reading from the wrong script only to realize at the end when none gave the usual cheer. Trevor Mawaka takes us through.

MTM , the myths, conspiracies and the facts so far

Each week there is one or two issues that pop up and they become the centre of attraction driving the rumour mill and social media into a frenzy. Well, this week we saw the pulling down of Table weDzinza´s latest video Teleunga by Dj Tamuka drawing a lot of scorn and talk.

WORD! Jah Prayzah at it again?!

International Zimbabwean musician Jah Prayzah is reportedly at it again! When we thought a collaboration with Jah Cure was his highest peak, we were wrong. The Universal Music signed artist is believed to have inked another collaboration with Grammy Award Winning dancehall star Sean Paul. Details still remain clouded in secrecy but EARGROUND has it on…