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Exploring Africa Day Through the Eyes of Children

“25th May is Africa Day!” echoes the children as they practice their lines for an Africa Day event at their school. This year, the excitement is profound. I’ve been observing, and the enthusiasm for this year’s Africa Day is infectious. Maybe it’s always been like this, and I just didn’t notice before—a story for another day.

That Will Suffice by AneUnhu – The Meeting Point of Creative Energies in Zimbabwean Arts 

The project titled That Will Suffice by AneHunhu could poetically justify why it was taking so long for one to finally watch an artist whose outward impression beams with sophistication.

Entertainment and Impactful Social Commentary: Crazy Creative Minds Studios – Paghetto Series 

One sector which thrives is comedy when the creators are able to subtly navigate the ‘no-go-areas’ be it political rhetoric or socially critical literature. Crazy Creative Minds Studios by Ivan Bakke is one of the most popular comedy hubs whose exploits with the animations has been here for reasonably a long run.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Unveiling the Value Creation Challenge (VCC4) in Zimbabwe

The entrepreneurial landscape in Zimbabwe is set to receive a significant boost with the launch of the Value Creation Challenge 2024 (#VCC4). This innovative initiative, spearheaded by the Eight2Five Innovation Hub in partnership with Old Mutual, the British Council, and the British Embassy, is poised to catalyze innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable growth within the local community.

Hanna Is Guilt Free, New EP Drops 

The Extended Play titled Guilt Free speaks to her dilemma of having to decide whether the music is her destined career or she will stick to parental jurisdiction of seeing their child excel academically before she gets employed somewhere for a 9-5.

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Announces Napoleon Nyanhi as The New Director

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) Board has just announced the appointment of Mr. Napoleon Nyanhi as its new Director. Mr. Nyanhi takes over from Mr. Nicholas Moyo, who transitioned to the role of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts, and Culture in October 2023.

Women Representation In The Arts: Feli Nandi Makes 2024 Redefined Concert

Gateway Stream has announced the second installation of Redefined Concert. Following the success of last year’s show, they have renewed their zest with more artists this year and these include Feli Nandi and Master H. 

Empowering the Next Generation: How Music Academies Can Transform Zimbabwe’s Music Scene

Zimbabwe is a country known for its rich and diverse musical genres. Different regions of the country have their own popular genres. Zimbabwe has unfortunately lost many talented artists, whose contributions to the Musical Academies would have been invaluable for the next generation and the preservation of our cultural heritage. 

Composer of Zimbabwe’s National Anthem Music, Lecturer Freddy Changundega Speaks Out

Changundega, a highly esteemed music composer and lecturer with a career spanning over four decades, holds the distinction of composing the music of Zimbabwe national anthem back in 1994.

Killer T Strikes a Chord with ‘Kana Ndanyura’

Not everything needs to rhyme but also very difficult to ignore the consonant arrangement of the letter K in Killer T whose real name is Kelvin Kusikwenyu. The song in focus is Kana Ndanyura. You might want to treat that as overexcitement. But this is the song. Evidenced by trending across the digital length and breadth. 

Unforgettable Songs that made Zimbabwean TV Series

In the realm of Zimbabwean drama series, there exists a captivating phenomenon — certain songs possess a remarkable ability to transport us back to the very essence of the shows they were featured in. These melodies intertwine with the narrative, becoming an inseparable part of the drama’s identity. Today, we embark on a melodic journey as we explore some of the most popular songs that have graced Zimbabwean local dramas, films, and programs, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

The Enduring Legacy of Sungura Music

Sungura music remains Zimbabwe’s leading genre, this is despite the rise of other genres like Zimdancehall and Zimhiphop amongst others. Sungura emerged just about the same time Zimbabwe was gaining independence from colonial rule. Sungura is the ordinary people’s music, who are the majority.