Which Svoto of the 6 is the baddest?

Curiously interesting, Earground went under to find out whats with the Svoto! We discovered that there are at least six songs released under the same title in a space of 12 months. Coincidence or not? Well they seem to sound all different from the other. 


Of Urban Rhythms and Rural Scenery: A double dose review of Ndikokote and Sweetie videos

Despite the difference in genre, both songs are mischievous in their innuendos, and both videos center their love story in a rural home, joining a growing list of urban musicians who have recently found beauty in the edenic simplicity of kumusha.

MUSE boldly brews a Quiet Storm in defiance

Fearlessly dropping the song barely a few days after the elections and political protests in Harare that saw 6 people getting shot and 14 others hospitalised. The the song amplifies the voices of many citizens who are still reeling from the trauma and the loss of life.