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BAGGA finally gets in his BAG with 3 STRIPES EP

by George Mguni

Only dedication and tenacity can sustain talent. It took Bagga two years of hard work and consistency before he finally found his gold. His most recent creation is simply the outcome and a taste of things to come.

Finally, Bagga released his first EP, 3 STRIPES.The EP distinguishes itself with its highly anticipated tune Nyarara, produced by DJ Tamuka, in addition to his chart-topping singles throught the past year.
A song that attempts to express what hardship, rejection, broken families, and tragedy may actually mean.

In contrast to other Hip-Hop compilations, which begin with a powerful introduction, Nyarara explores the negative aspects of life, including how others fail to recognize your efforts, how God can give you hope, how the rapper has finally stopped talking about himself, and how things have changed for the better.

The Gevha sets himself apart from the notion that hip hop is a superficial genre. His mature and accessible lyrics solidifies the project, bringing everyone who is hiding their suffering but yet holding out hope for a better ending in their story face to face with reality.

Track 2: Miyedzo. When we look in the mirror every day, we are the harshest judges of ourselves. How often do we wallow in our self-pity while yet failing to face the challenges life presents? the desire to improve yourself but still fall short. He acknowledges his imperfections and frequently muses over his inability to convince himself of his goodness in Three Stripes.

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Another song that has the makings of a classic, “How We Are Our Own Biggest Critics and Cheerleaders in Life,” Every action you take involves having sincere discussions with yourself, and Miyedzo is usually a beautiful depiction of the temptations we face every day.

The third track of the four-track EP, “Sango,” opens with an aural bass. The song is really about being the fittest in a jungle, and, as the shona adage goes, “Sango rinopa waneta.” On this one, the rapper is not acting hypocritically because he fully admits that individuals who work hard pay a price, and the same is true of his journey. It’s time to reward himself for his years of hard work and for his vow to ignore detractors like me.

With this EP, Bagga puts things in perspective. If he continues to be as hungry as he has been, he will deserve a place among the greatest rappers in Zimbabwean hip-hop history. His work is rooted in genuine lyricism and complete artistic expression, and he has no desire to start a tik tok trend. Bagga has outdone himself.

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Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
Truly, for the culture.

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