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Ms. Shally Elevates African Entertainment on International Stage

Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE), a gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.

Ms. Shally Elevates African Entertainment on International Stage

Los Angeles, CA – June 29, 2024 – Zimbabwean-born entrepreneur and founder of Roar Entertainment Africa, Shaleen Manhire Nullens, widely known as Ms. Shally, has been making significant strides in the international entertainment industry. Last night, her company co-organized a prestigious BET International Nominees Event at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, marking a major milestone in her career.

By Plot Mhako

The event, which celebrated the accomplishments of international artists nominated for the BET Awards, saw a convergence of industry giants, including renowned producer Timbaland and comedian Michael Blackson, alongside other notable figures in the entertainment world. This high-profile gathering set the stage for the 24th BET Awards, slated to take place tomorrow, June 30, 2024, at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Ms. Shally, whose real name is Shaleen Manhire Nullens, has been a dynamic force in the entertainment industry. Based in South Africa, she has carved out a significant niche for herself, blending her expertise in entrepreneurship, public relations, and event management. In May of this year, she announced her collaboration on the BET event, a move that showcased her ability to bridge the gap between African and international entertainment spheres.

Roar Entertainment Africa, under Ms. Shally’s leadership, has been at the forefront of bringing global stars to Africa. In 2022, her company made headlines by organizing Rick Ross’s visit to Zimbabwe, an event that underscored her knack for orchestrating high-impact events. Additionally, Ms. Shally is known for her role as the manager of the late Ginimbi, a prominent Zimbabwean socialite and businessman.

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Reflecting on her recent accomplishments, Ms. Shally expressed her gratitude for the support and recognition she has received.

“It’s been an incredible journey, and I am honored to play a part in highlighting African talent on such a grand stage. This event is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved,” she said.

As the entertainment world eagerly anticipates the BET Awards, Ms. Shally’s contributions have undoubtedly amplified the visibility of African artists and creatives. Her efforts are not only a source of inspiration but also a powerful reminder of the global reach and impact of African talent in the entertainment industry.

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  • To say she co-organized the event is stretching the truth. At most she cosponsored and attended the event like a regular guest.


Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
Truly, for the culture.

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