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Ghetto Crown King : Raw, uncensored ghetto storyteller

One platform that has managed to chronicle the untold stories from Zimbabwe’s ghetto unapologetically in a raw and unfiltered state is the YouTube channel Ghetto Crown King. It is definitely not the family friendly type of content but its honest in laying bare the grim realities of societal sections many might label as “outcasts” Established in 2013 by Godfrey ‘Mad Minox’ Chafudzika with the aim of promoting Zimdancehall music, the platform has however evolved into a conveyor of uncensored ghetto stories. True to its compelling stories, the channel has over the years attracted a number of followers. In July 2023 it got the YouTube Silver Play Button for registering over 100 000 subscribers. But what really sets this Vlogging channel apart from others?

By Tawanda Mupatsi

Who is Ghetto Crown King?

A champion selector, filmmaker and community activist Mad Minox Real name Godfrey Chafudzika of Silverstone sound system. Born and raised in Mbare the dancehall DJ relocated to Canada in the 90s making a crucial connection for the booming Dancehall sound system culture in those days.

Plugging his sound crew to the latest dancehall tunes and dubplates, Silverstone rose to become one of the two most powerful systems in the country with constant rivalry pitting them against Jah B’s stereo One. Fast forward, the Ghetto Crown King as he is affectionately known became one of the key promoters for Zimdancehall through documentation and distribution of music online.

Today Mad Minox is working to connect the need especially the elderly in his community to support from people who are now living in the Diaspora but were raised by the hood.

His Youtube channel carries hundreds of unfiltered stories and interviews with people and artists from his community and around Zimbabwe. He has been instrumental in exposing a lot of talents before they blew up.” Plot Mhako


Ghetto Crown King’s content is made up of uncut visuals of different individuals going about their usual routines as they traverse through the surburb of Mbare which is one of Zimbabwe’s oldest ghetto. The featured characters who share their stories are usually those whom society turns a blind eye on. They are the embodiment of the negative effects of unemployment, drug abuse or even rejection. There is Kuda whose beaming love for others is overshadowed by his intake of intoxicating substances that have turned him destitute. There is Billy Boy whose life is always accompanied by drama as he tries to earn a living doing menial jobs like refuse collection. His choice of words when narrating his ordeals gravitate towards humor but carry serious undertones when unbundled. Ajita, Nyado and Usher Peanut add weight to the real life narratives. At first glance based on the strong language used in the videos and the unconventional manner in which characters dissect issues or share their stories, one can dismiss it for being offensive. However, this is an honest presentation of our neglected societies with all their scars and bruises as they call for help in battling depression, addiction or the effects of a struggling economy.


As the characters face life’s hurdles there is a warmness that one feels in admiring how they all stand out for each other either in good or bad times. Reference can be made to how at one point the entire tone of the videos changed to somber when Kuda was battling a life threatening ailment. The usual serving of jokes was subdued as all the characters shifted their energies, making sure that Kuda returned to recovery. On Ghetto Crown King comradeship takes on a new meaning and content consumers usually resonate with such stories of unconditional love being found in unexpected places. To add to that, the packaged narratives are delivered in a raw state that is void of cinematic cosmetics or interference which then creates relatability to the subject matter.

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Outside the discussions of their struggles, the characters on Ghetto Crown King provide a good dose of humor. Followers can recollect the comical and unconventional way in which one of the main presenters ‘Mad Minox’ carries himself when interviewing characters. The man throws blunt questions like punches, void of all necessary sensitivity. In most instances it ends up in the deviation of the matter as he descends on his subject with verbal blows in a funny manner that knows no animosity. There is so much gloominess and negativity floating around, a good laugh might just be the required antidote providing escapism. 


The platform goes a notch higher in trumpeting that dreams can be realized regardless of how the environment might be inhibitive. With a decided course of action one can dramatically change the narrative for the better. Drug abuse, crime, aborted dreams and unemployment are reversible tags associated with the ghetto. Some of the characters involved in the Ghetto Crown King have re-written their success stories, some are now university graduates and some have established themselves as musicians in Zimbabwe. If one is seeking a summation of the contents of Ghetto Crown King YouTube platform a proposed statement will be ‘an unapologetic exploration of raw ghetto stories with the tenacity of strongmen to be seen and heard’.  

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Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
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