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Everton Mlalazi Soars with Music and Community Impact 

Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE), a gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.

Everton Mlalazi Soars with Music and Community Impact 

Everton Mlalazi, the name synonymous with vibrant gospel melodies and soulful vocals, continues to captivate audiences across the globe. But beyond the stage lights, Mlalazi’s life holds a symphony of unexpected notes, weaving together musical mastery with a dedication to community and a dash of hidden talents.

By Plot Mhako

While his powerful voice and infectious energy electrify arenas, many may be surprised to learn of Mlalazi’s academic prowess. Before serenading the world, he honed his mind with an Honors degree in Statistics, followed by master’s degrees in development finance and business administration. This intellectual foundation shines through in his meticulous approach to music production and his astute business acumen.

2023 was a very fruitful season for Everton Mlalazi who received the Outstanding Gospel Act award at the Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA), another gong for being the Africa Gospel Artiste of The Year at the Christian Legendary And Impact Makers Awards in Africa and a nomination for the Crown Gospel Awards in South Africa. He hosted several exceptionally curated concerts. 

Mlalazi’s musical journey wasn’t a straight shot to stardom. Before the applause and accolades, his early humble upbringing and experiences instilled in him a strong work ethic and a keen understanding of the business side of the music industry, both invaluable assets in his meteoric rise.

Growing up between Nyamandhlovu in Bulawayo and Glen-Norah in Harare instilled in Mlalazi a deep appreciation for community, a value that continues to resonate in his music and philanthropy. The warmth of his upbringing shines through in his lyrics, often infused with themes of hope, resilience, and the unifying power of music – a testament to the influence of his vibrant Zimbabwean roots. 

Mlalazi’s true passion lies in the power of music to uplift and inspire. His sound transcends traditional gospel, infusing it with contemporary rhythms, creating a unique tapestry that resonates with diverse audiences. He doesn’t just sing; he writes, pouring his heart and soul into every lyric, crafting stories that connect with listeners on a deeper level.

His dedication extends beyond the stage. Mlalazi actively engages in community outreach, through his selfless acts of service, focusing on empowering underprivileged youth and fostering a sense of hope through music and education. He also takes his time to support fellow musicians, and has a neck of identifying and grooming talent, exposing them to bigger platforms.

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Everton Mlalazi’s commitment to social responsibility paints a portrait of a man driven not just by personal success, but by a desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Beyond the public persona, Mlalazi reveals a warm and humorous side, evident in candid interviews and his interactions with fans. 

Everton Mlalazi is more than just a gospel singer; he’s a multifaceted artist raising the national flag on global stages, a community champion, and a testament to the power of dedication and resilience. His story is a harmonious blend of talent, passion, purpose and humility.

Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
Truly, for the culture.

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