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Entertainment and Impactful Social Commentary: Crazy Creative Minds Studios – Paghetto Series 

Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE), a gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.

Entertainment and Impactful Social Commentary: Crazy Creative Minds Studios – Paghetto Series 

The world of creatives has limitless wealth. The goal is to give an audience captivating content that is beyond its entertainment value. One sector which thrives is comedy when the creators are able to subtly navigate the ‘no-go-areas’ be it political rhetoric or socially critical literature. Crazy Creative Minds Studios by Ivan Bakke is one of the most popular comedy hubs whose exploits with the animations has been here for reasonably a long run.

By Takudzwa Kadzura

We take observation from their public appeal from which the sustainability of such a project emanates – a huge fanbase as shown by high subscription numbers on their YouTube. For an 18 and over programme, the cartoon and animation euphemizes reality through drama and utilizes comic relief to the topics which are not usually disposable in general conversation. 

This case reflects the natural inclination of the people toward human interest stories even when they cross the high moral borders of our status quo. It is a collective madness that is also dear to experience. The youthful group of characters Jabu, Reason, Mikela and Chaser are a sample of the urban psyche as they play ‘ghetto youths’ and concomitantly, portray their uniqueness as individuals. 

What actually stands out for Paghetto series is their consciousness when it comes to addressing social ills like the current scourge of problematic drug use in the country, gender-based violence and exposing the cunning nature of sexual predators especially among the young women who fall prey to ‘blessers’. They have also managed to represent the boy child who of late is not spared from emotional blackmail of ‘sugar mummies’.

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In the age of technology, creative minds have the advantage of digital tools which can transform their lives in the face of economic hardship and bring a dosage of laughter to heal the suffering of the masses. The technological disruption is touching socially critical areas through unleashing boundary-pushing creative entrepreneurs.”

Bringing social issues to the fore carries insurmountable impact through the avenue of naïve consciousness. It is therefore plausible that Jabu, Reason, Mikela and Chaser have not turned their backs. Now we leave room for reflection, share with us how you feel about these humorists. 

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Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
Truly, for the culture.

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