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Darling Musical Groups From The 2000s That Disappeared 

Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE), a gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.

Darling Musical Groups From The 2000s That Disappeared 

Zimbabwean music of the early 2000s had a distinct taste that remains immortalized to this very day. The era saw a number of outstanding musical groups across genres producing priceless gems. Unfortunately, most of these groups disappeared from the scene when there was still a clamour for more. Following are some of the musical outfits, in no particular order.

By Tawanda Mupatsi


A brainchild of Zimbabwe’s former Minister of Information, Professor Jonathan Moyo, Pax Afro was a star studded group that couldn’t be bottled in a single genre. Their double CD album Back2Black which was made up of 26 tracks took the country by storm. Some can recall the addictive love gem ‘Tango Pal’ in which Yulith Ndlovu, the group’s lead vocalist exhibited her prowess. It’s also hard to ignore how seasoned musician, Isaac Chirwa hammered profound messages in songs like ‘Send them home’ and ‘Working under the mine.’ Who can also forget the guitar theatrics of Tendai Manatsa that accompanied the refined vocals? The temporal political fall from grace of Professor Jonathan Moyo in 2005 might have contributed to the group’s slump.

While Pax Afro is no longer gracing the modern day stages, its music remains etched in our hearts. Some of its former members like Michael Mahendere continue to hold the musical torch higher.


Africa Revenge has a long history that deserves its own page, from being a 15-member project to being primarily a two-man lineup consisting of Willis Wataffi and Mehluli Moyo. The afro-fusion band dazzled the nation with their offering ‘Africa Revenge Presents Qaya Music.’ It was from this album that the group registered the hit song ‘Wanga’. Their ability to perfectly come up with songs that could either be soulful, upbeat or playful, won the hearts of many. With several accolades and international tours under its name the group dissolved in 2008.

Circumstances surrounding the group’s split remain an enigma but one thing is certain, the group gifted Zimbabwe with timeless classics.

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At a time when gospel music in Zimbabwe was void of experimentation when it came to both sound and genre, a seven-member group by name Ex-Xel was born in 2001. Fusing RnB together with a touch of Soul, their gospel sound was always refreshing to the ear. Many can recall the yesteryear weekly television program ‘Breaking New Ground’ hosted by Patricia Mabviko. That accompanying, catchy soundtrack for the show was by Ex-xel. Their 2003 11 track album featured popular songs like Jesus You Are My Everything ‘Comforter’ and ‘I Decrease, You Increase.’ The group however went silent when they were still to conquer new musical heights. Some of its members are still active in their solo careers.


Zimbabwe’s Urban Grooves movement era saw the emergence of several groups and one that cannot be ignored is the outfit ‘Trinity.’ The group was made up of Resilience Chekera also known as GZE, Andrew Musonzah and Vito. Their classic song Jesa reigned supreme on the local airwaves and it was also part of the Chamhembe plus compilation album. One thing Trinity was distinct for was its daring attitude when it came to experimenting with sound. In the Zimbabwean animation Nyaminyami which was written by Carl Joshua Ncube they took matters to another level by integrating a Metal flavor to their bucket of musical versatility with the song ‘Nditore.’ While the group members might have seemingly disintegrated, they are still active in the music sector, again as solo acts.  

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Made by Kuda (MADE IN ZWE)
A gift to Plot Mhako and the earGROUND vision.
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