The City Sports Centre baptised, raised and nurtured the careers of many Zimdancehall superstars. Performing there was a golden opportunity that every artist was in dire need of.

One young man from Harare fell in love with the genre which is said to have evolved from the Jamaican Dancehall, making it more relevant and marketable locally. At one point the young lad recorded on the Xmas Riddim but was quick and humble enough to realise that it was not his forte and or calling. Being part of the Green Gate Studioz(pachi McGyver) the calm guy would spend a lot of time watching how things go in the studio setting and also the variations in talent and the art itself.

Let it go on record that no other cultural movement has been both definitive and reflective of 21st century urban Zimbabwean life than mangoma. Since earnest inception in the mid 2000s, it has been defiant, irreverent, passionate, and philosophical.Indeed, I would argue that even the unsavory elements within the genre that rouse the scorn of many a lay pundit are worth their place within our societal discourse, as they often hold up an ugly mirror on society. Here are ten poignant life lessons and affirmations the genre has offered up in its short existence.