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Nudity and Curvy Bodies : The lure for some Women in The Music Industry

Nudity, curvy and good structures have been used by our own female musicians as an attention seeking stunt which has enabled them to be heard. Here are some of the many female artists who have greatly benefited from this drive.

NONI : A dancer who defied stereotypes to inspire a generation. #earGROUND

Back in the days, contemporary dance carried all sorts of stereotypes and ridicule and women were the biggest victims. The industry in Zimbabwe remains male dominated but the narrative has been changing over the years. Noni is one of the young female dancer and choreographer who defied many odds to make a great impact in dance. Tafadzwa Gambiza of Jibilika caught-up with the firebrand dancer to get her story.

Zimbabwe to get the biggest laugh at SEKERERA Harare International comedy festival

The country has been going through a lot of hardships over the past years and in the midst of grief and strife, comedians have been creating lemonade from the sour situation giving people the best laugh and the much needed comic relief. The steady growth will this year get a shot in the arm in the form of the Inaugural Sekerera Harare International Comedy Festival (SHICOF) to run from the 7th to 9th of  August.

The reincarnation of Ras Caleb

On the 1st of December 2018 I wrote an opinion piece in the Saturday Herald  titled Zim Arts and the One Hit Wonder. The painstaking article saw me tread on a fragile yet pertinent issue of artists who blow up and quickly blow out.  The inclusion of Ras Caleb was […]