4th Permican awards. What a wow!

Epic! That is the word to describe those performances and I want to single out Courtney Antipas Sharon Manyika Machingura Michael Mahendere Kudakwashe Mutsvene and Janet Manyowa for those big acts with a very special mention to Ngonidzashe Mavera Aka Prophecy! His set was ridiculous! It’s been a long time since I’ve watched someone put on a real show and he did just that. The high energy, the dancers and the delivery was simply exceptional. His double up with my boy Takura Shonhai on Jehova was what can I say? Sick! In hip hop lingo. It was amazing to say the least. It’s a clean bill of health for the PERMICANS from me. A thumbs up! Continue reading 4th Permican awards. What a wow!

7 Reasons why ‘Ngaibake” is the ultimate Video We Needed _ #Earground

This is must-see entertainment, ladies and gentlemen. Mixing a light-hearted party sentiment with the very real critique of the unnecessary lack of civility arising from our lived frustrations, the song hits all the right notes. Macheso’s crooning provides the appropriate amount of contrast to Freeman’s already-melodic chanting. Continue reading 7 Reasons why ‘Ngaibake” is the ultimate Video We Needed _ #Earground

2018: Year of the underdogs

The year 2018 was the year that the underdogs came to the party and delivered in the music front. The big dogs had the carpet pulled from under their feet without them realizing. The usual main actors did not realize that the script had been flipped and they somehow continued reading from the wrong script only to realize at the end when none gave the usual cheer. Trevor Mawaka takes us through. Continue reading 2018: Year of the underdogs