Willis Wataffi Afirika back with a serious revenge

After nearly a decade of a frenzied and overhyped dancehall infused music scene signs of fatigue, growing disconnect and a craving for more soothing yet deeply moving music has been showing for a while now and i think this is it! 

The reincarnation of Ras Caleb

On the 1st of December 2018 I wrote an opinion piece in the Saturday Herald  titled Zim Arts and the One Hit Wonder. The painstaking article saw me tread on a fragile yet pertinent issue of artists who blow up and quickly blow out.  The inclusion of Ras Caleb was not premised on him having dropped a…

Malaysia based TeeMak drops refreshing Video

The singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper is undoubtedly a multi-dimensional artist who has a deep understanding for melody and visuals as captured in his video. In the cosy videoTeeMak appears in a beautiful forest swimming in passion with his love bird. 

NAMA nominated Likhwa OkaNcube drops video

Likhwa apart from stealing the stage at Poetry Slams and other poetry events is no stranger to musical projects as he once featured in the hit song Weee MaNcube Vumelani isangoma a creation by celebrated musician Khuxxman.

Gary Tight breathes new life into Vanhu Vatema

Calling on the Almighty to intervene and for people to rally together and unite for the better of the country, the video brings out minimalist yet visually compelling images aptly resonating with the prevailing economic unrest in the country. 

2018: Year of the underdogs

The year 2018 was the year that the underdogs came to the party and delivered in the music front. The big dogs had the carpet pulled from under their feet without them realizing. The usual main actors did not realize that the script had been flipped and they somehow continued reading from the wrong script only to realize at the end when none gave the usual cheer. Trevor Mawaka takes us through.

Gashirai by SoulFinders and Oliver Mtukudzi a moving magic

Some songs are timeless and some are magical but this song is a combination of the two. There is a new remix of a song done by the living legend Oliver Mtukudzi but this time featuring some of Zimbabwe’s finest voices, the Soulfinders. By Plot Mhako SOULFINDERS is an eight member musical group which started…

Which Svoto of the 6 is the baddest?

Curiously interesting, Earground went under to find out whats with the Svoto! We discovered that there are at least six songs released under the same title in a space of 12 months. Coincidence or not? Well they seem to sound all different from the other.