The 22 year old music star in the making has been releasing hard hitting music which resonates with the lives of many Zimbabweans both from the uptown where hip hop has a lot of fanbase to downtown which is a core of Zimdancehall and this has helped him in widening and broadening his audience.

The chant dropped at a time Zimbabweans across the divide are speaking loudly about the declining state of life, the police brutality and corruption in the country under the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter hashtag. Opening up with a statement from cleric and activist Pastor Evan Mawarire, the song samples Ephat Mujuru’s Mugariro and brings in powerful hip hop bars laced with a feel of trap and traditional chants.

Love him or hate him, King 98 has been doing the most in the Zim Hip Hop fraternity. His musical outfit is multifaceted, like a chameleon, the kid has many colours. To some he is an newcomer, an opportunist and to some he is a brilliant schemer. Well all these descriptions fits well with King 98’s modus operandi in the music industry.

The concert Zim Hip Hop needed the most. Rise of Zim Hip Hop was hosted by Zvigaba Foundation and Mukukuzvi events with support from FoodIcon and Zimpapers TV Network, the livestream concert was headlined by hip hop queens Kikky Bada$$, Tashamiswa,  Natasha Muz, and their male. counterparts Crooger, Probeatz, Union 5, asaph, Tanto Wavie, Beav Vity, award winning Ti Gonzi, R Peels and DjAce FRVR.