RTC aint here to play games

I never wanted to be like anyone who was out there. I want it to be the first time anyone has ever heard anything like that. I had to pave my own way, hustling to get by because I have faith in my music and know what iam capable of.

BlaqDiva Quin demands the Zim Hip Hop Crown

There is a new dope hip hop chick in town! She makes a grand entry demanding the crown. Could it be too soon? Well, i think judging by her zeal and lyrical dexterity she could unsettle the power matrix in  the Zim Hip Hop kingdom. By Plot Mhako Nobuntu Mnkandla aka Blaq Diva Quin is…

MUSE boldly brews a Quiet Storm in defiance

Fearlessly dropping the song barely a few days after the elections and political protests in Harare that saw 6 people getting shot and 14 others hospitalised. The the song amplifies the voices of many citizens who are still reeling from the trauma and the loss of life. 

Mshika_Shika ready to drive the Zim Hip Hop scene

The is a new dope due in town! They spit bars like touts. They mean business.  Mshika_Shika is a Zimbawean formed music duo from Harare is composed of two musicians namely producer/Artist Afrow Zenda and Rapper/Songwritter Ronash.

Eddy daGizzle; from humble to sizzle

Most local hip hop heads are floating and flossing in fantasy whilst ignoring reality which could get the music more appreciation. Until we change mindset and relate our stuff to our daily lives, we may never get the recognition.

Zifm chartshow endorses hip hop King`s legitimacy

After staging a “coup” at the 2018 Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards in May this year, Zifm´s national chart show the GTel Top 40 this weekend validated the legitimacy of the title as ASAPH scooped pole position with Dancehall king Winky D trailing behind. 

Eddy G Descent chants for the departed legends

I don’t know who this guy is (Eddy G) and were he is from but all i know this is mad talent. Whilst i was surfing the internet, looking for some new Zimbabwean music content i bumped into this track titled Makabaya Boyz Dzangu and was blown away instantly. 

Chibhakera kana Mbama : The 2018 Affair

Yo peeps! its been a span. Earground had gone on the Ground to check out whats popping on the streets of Zimbabwe. Well, a lot is going down. So much politix and politricking going on as the country braces itself for the most anticipated general elections set for the 30th of July. Traditionally artists are…