Zimbabwe creatives especially in music have for a long time bemoaned the lack of corporate support. Well, if the events from last week’s 10th edition of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards are anything to go by then a new season is upon us. Distrohive Music joined Doves’s Zororo Phumulani Funeral plan and World Remit in sponsoring the 10th anniversary of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards hosted at the Mayfair Hotel, in London on Saturday, 11th September 2021

Zimbabwe has had a few artists / composers who have been nominated, featured on nominated projects or awarded but most of these are living abroad and are seldom celebrated at home. earGROUND decided to put together a compilation of these amazing creatives and celebrate their strides and recognition. To have your works mentioned or be included on a Grammy nomination is already a huge achievement. We hope we did not miss out anyone.