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earGROUND™ is an award winning new media platform for Zimbabwean and African creatives. We give space and amplify new artistic talents. The integrated digital platform documents, profiles & celebrates mainly Zimbabwean artists, creative projects from music, dance, theatre, literary, visual art, film and other artforms whilst also generating important issues. Stirring and hosting critical creative conversations, developing interactive videos, new content promotion, social media engagement, creative dialogues, forums and sharing of vital information on the developments in the arts sector in Zimbabwe and Africa.
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Tashamiswa drops bars and draps in 7:30 Streetwear

Tashamiswa is an emerging Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist known for her single “Crew” produced by multi talented producer Amvis, her collaboration with Nutty O “Pon Me”, her strong lyricism and her daunting persona. It’s quite apparent that this is only the beginning.

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10 Yesteryear Summer Anthems You May Have Forgotten About #earGROUND

As the world flatters to open up again, and it looks like Zimbabweans may yet have the semblance of a summer, we decided to roll back the years and remind you of urban songs created with the summer (and summer-esque shenanigans) in mind: some that went under the radar when they come out and others that have fallen off the public’s consciousness as the years have passed.

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Ratie D inks rich melodies in debut EP

Having traversed the world, singer songwriter Ratie D found fertile ground to coerce her first album into existence after a decade in the making. The result is an explosive launch of her first studio EP titled Ink & Melodies, which spans musical genres and languages to give adequate voice to her evolutionary and collaborative creative process.