A sports and entertainment hook to capture drugs and substance abusers in DZ

A Sports and Entertainment hook to capture drug and substance abusers

Dzivarasekwa a “ghetto” community that gave birth to some well decorated artists and sportsmen,  Dangerzone is now littered with empty bottles of cough syrup, cheap drugs like Guka and illicit brews. Scenes of young people struck to the bone after inhaling two or three puffs of of crystal meth (dombo or mutoriro) which they share from a bulb. 

By Mangaliso Lawrence Kabulika 

“A cure to a sober sense” they say.

The government has embarked on a nationwide anti drug awareness as its strategy to create a drug free society following a surge in drug and substance abuse amongst the ghetto youths. 

Dzivaresekwa, a high residential area in the Western side of Harare has not been spared on the list of targeted areas in which drug and substance abuse is rampant.

TrapCulture, a hiphop music and dance crew in Dzivaresekwa has taken an initiative in trying to raise awareness about drug and substance abuse through Sports and entertainment. 

Slated for the 6th of May 2023 at Dzivaresekwa Stadium, the community based Anti- Drug campaign is also in partnership with organisations such as Avenues Stars Sports Facilitators and  Arts (ASSFA), Spoken Word Writers Association, Kukura Kurerwa, Blackbird and many other supporting organisation.

It is at these events such as music shows and sports events that many youths are embarking on drugs and drug peddlers are targeting the young stars. 

” I make twice the amount I make in a day whenever there is such a gathering” said a drug seller who chose to remain anonymous

How then do these campaigns set a mark or capture the attention of the youths through a medium that they are already using to engage in drugs will always remain a question.

“There are anti drugs campaigns going around the country and usually they are full of campaigners decoding information which sometimes the youth find boring and resort to drugs.” said Frank Karengo an Organiser under TrapCulture. 

“Through entertainment and sport, the youth are incapable of resisting it, and it is at these events that we capture them using a friendly message which is relatable to them such a music, dance, modelling and various sporting activities” said Frank Karengo

ASSFA is set to provide activities such as modelling, basketball, high class youth football and upcoming musicians.

“Most youth careers in sport and entertainment have been ruined due to drug and substance abuse. It is through these events that we raise awareness that there can be a career in these sectors if one can desist from drug and substance abuse.” said Frank Karengo.

“It is our duty as Trapculture to be Anti- Drug ambassadors as an initiative to educate our fellow youths. There is no better way to speak to the youth unlike hearing the message coming from a fellow youth as well” said Frank Karengo


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