Sofar Sounds Harare returns for a second concert

Sofar Sounds Harare returns for a second concert scheduled for Saturday the 29th of April 2023 at a location that will only be revealed to invited guests. The shows which are hosted in different spaces around the city of Harare, are a new music concept that debuted last year in December at Vanilla Moon in Mount Pleasant. 

Sofar Sounds Harare is part of a global network of music curators and musicians putting on live music concerts in out-of-the-ordinary venues.

It is coordinated by multi-platform creatives Khumbulani Muleya and Rutendo Mutsamwira. The original London installment of Sofar Sounds (Songs From a Room) was a house concert hosted by founder Rafe Offer 15 years ago, to which he invited a few friends. Today it is present in more than 450 cities throughout the world. Its shows are run by independent music curators in the cities where they reside. 

The community-based shows are invite only and to attend guests apply via in order to reserve tickets. A show lasts 3 hours and has a line-up of 3 artists of different genres each performing 20 minute slots. Sofar concerts are distinct in that they are hosted in unique and secret locations that provide an intimate setting where attendants are immersed in a music experience free of the usual distractions normally associated with live music shows. The venue is kept a secret until a day before the show, and the performers are not introduced to the audience until they enter the stage, which is something that adds a sense of mystery and thrill to the occasion.

“We are excited to be hosting our second concert; we sold out weeks ago and this shows that the brand is getting recognised. The concept is still new in Zimbabwe, and the idea is to spread the Sofar model across the country as there are many musicians looking for a way to grow their local and global audiences, as well as fans seeking a genuine connection with music,” Muleya said.

The afro-acoustic group Gwevedzi performed at Sofar Sounds Harare’s inaugural concert last year, and as a result of their appearance, they were given the chance to be shortlisted for a Sofar Sounds music residency in London. The concert also included Nasibo and Glenview-based Tru Bantu Tribe. Globally, more than 100 artists who performed at Sofar shows have been nominated for a Grammy, with 24 Sofar alumni nominated for a Grammy in 2022 alone.

On the same day, there are going to be other concerts happening all over the world in locations such as Lahore (Pakistan), Bangalore (India), Bloemfontein (SA), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Brussels (Belgium), Drobak (Norway), Ancona (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Valencia (Spain), Bucks County and Reno (US).

For more details about Sofar Sounds Harare, please contact Khumbulani Muleya Rutendo Mutsamwira 

City page 

Event page 


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