Zimbabwean-born rising star Ananya returns with new single, gone (forever)

Zimbabwean-born talent Ananya releases her stunning new single “gone (forever)”, recorded in Cape Town, South Africa – the first offering from her forthcoming debut EP. 

Listen Here

Fusing staccato guitar chords with her soulful, direct vocal, “gone (forever)”’s indie-pop production is stacked with melodic harmonies and playful lyrics. Relatable and empowering, as the chorus kicks in Ananya sings “I got the feeling that I’m getting over you, it arrived tonight right on cue” as she asserts herself as having moved on from a stale relationship. 

No stranger to radio airplay in South Africa with her 2021 single “Where’s the Love” receiving over 350 plays with a radio impact of 12.6 million impressions, Ananya’s gone (forever) is expected to be another local favourite. 

Speaking on the track, Ananya explains:

“‘gone (forever)’ is inspired by a vivid dream, it’s an uplifting pop track that encompasses the feeling of finding strength from within and letting go. It explores the realisation that one is giving more than they receive, accepting it, and leaving with no hard feelings.”

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Ananya spent her younger years developing her love for music by soaking up her mother’s eclectic music taste as well as performing, writing and learning to play piano, guitar and drums. A genuine multi-talent, Ananya’s creative talents also run to fashion design and her recently co-founded non-profit organisation The Nani Wellness Project, which focuses on raising awareness and providing help to those struggling with mental health issues in Zimbabwe. 

With a slew of releases set for this year, “gone (forever)” looks set to underline Ananya as a standout new name in the landscape. 

Makes sure to connect with Ananya online and stream or download gone (forever) today.

Connect with Ananya:

Facebook: @ananyamakesmusic

Instagram: @ananyamakesmusic

TikTok: @ananyamakesmusic 

Twitter: @ananyaworldwide 


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