Back Home conversation with British-Ghanaian artist ADO

British-Ghanaian entrepreneur and music maker – ADO recently released a brand new track BACK HOME”. A love letter to his ancestral land, “Back Home” is his first official single of 2023, inspired by his move to Ghana. This, combined with frequent trips to South Africa, where he has solidified and nurtured his love for Afro House music. A genre that takes deep influences from the instruments played in the townships of South Africa and continues to influence and inspire popular culture as it is today.

I caught up with him for a brief conversation. 

By Plot Mhako

Q: Tell me about the message behind “Back Home” and what inspired the song?

A: As a child of the diaspora I think it’s super easy to forget who you are and where you come from. For me personally spending more time on the continent has provided a great way to better shape my self image and identity. ‘Back Home’ is simply a call to action and reminder to reflect on our foundations and remember we’re never alone.  

I love to write, produce and perform music – it’s truly one of my greatest passions. I also express creativity through design and I’m fortunate to be the founder/designer of a Watch brand called Vitae London. 

Q: As Founder and CEO of Vitae London, How do you balance and connect with your music.

ADO: I see them both as simply me expressing myself in different verticals. They do not compete as they’re both vital parts of my life and I believe my calling / purpose in general. I’m able to find time by simple being disciplined with my creative output and time management. 

Q: Is there a place for the African diaspora back home and how you intends to bridge Africa and its diaspora?

A: I truly believe there is a place for the diaspora to not only come back home but also empower and enrich our motherland. We are one with our people back home so there is an onus on us to do all we can to ensure they prosper also and are celebrated / uplifted. 

Q: What are your plans or inspirations for this year?

A: This year is a continuation of all the years before and my main mantras are to ‘live without limits’ and ‘die empty’. I’m trying my best to give this life my all and push as many boundaries as possible. 

Q: Can people see you performing live anywhere soon?

A: I’m currently touring and performing in Europe but have major plans for an another Africa tour at the end of the year, follow me on social media to stay updated! Much love ADO (aka @WilliamAdoasi)


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