UPDATE: ZIMURA’s Bulawayo Music and Cultural Centre construction project


In February 2020 the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) purchased a 5000 square metre piece of land in the Emhlangeni suburb of Bulawayo.

The Organisation intends to construct a large multipurpose structure for concerts, workshops and festivals which is to be named the ZIMURA Music and Cultural Centre.

The facility will be equipped with various training rooms to cover guitar, piano, dance, drums, acting, film and other related artistic activities particularly aimed for the use by the youth.

Lack of recreational facilities has led to drug abuse and illicit behaviour by the youth, this has trapped them in a cycle of poverty.

The recreational facilities in places such as Mpopoma, Njube and Tshabalala which used to be run by the Bulawayo City Council are now dilapidated or being leased for other purposes.


So far, on the stand, a temporary structure was put in place to handle day to day activities.

The Architectural plan was approved in September 2022 by the Bulawayo City Council.

Drilling of the borehole was done in October 2022.

Construction of the security wall is still underway.

Construction of the Admin block which will house other arts disciplines in addition to music will commence this year until 2025.

From 2025 until 2028 the rest of the building which comprises of a multipurpose sound proofed auditorium, a recording and filming studio, training and rehearsal rooms, music arts library, museum, cafeteria, coffee bar, a garden with Wi-fi facilities and a boarding facility will be constructed.

“The Centre will also be a place where creatives meet and cross pollinate ideas and share artistic and business experiences.”


Currently some board members including the Chairperson, Albert Nyathi, Vice chair First Farai and Dorector of Information and Publicity Alexio Gwenzi are in Bulawayo monitoring progress of the construction of the security wall.

PICTURES – Credit – The Chronicle


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