Tidech’s rap sparks authentic conversations and connection with real Zimbabweans

Tidech, a Zimbabwean-born rapper, possesses an uncanny ability to weave social conversations into heart-wrenching melodies that stir the soul. His lyricism, steeped in the Shona language, not only makes you nod your head to the beat but also speaks to the core of his values.

By Mcpotar

Hailing from Granary Park, specifically Phase 1A, which technically falls under the Zvimba Rural District Council, Tidech proudly identifies as a Harare boy. He was born in Warren Park, grew up in Kuwadzana Extension, and completed his primary education there before attending grade 5 through A-Level in Mufakose.

I particularly got entranced by his style of rhyming when I heard his song, Usanditsvage. The song has a brilliant music video with good story telling, and it provides good commentary on how the regular man would like to deal with his underground dealings.

So who is Tidech?

This story-teller’s  journey in the music industry began between 2015 and 2016 when he first stepped into G-Records to record his first song. His early hit “My Way,” featuring Dough Major, Ause, and Frodo, was just a preview of the lyrical prowess that would come to define him. It is interesting to know that G-Records was such a great beginning for many artists who now to the top ten lists by the way.

Aside from G-Records, there are obviously many in the community that have helped raise his exceptional level of talent.

Amongst those he is grateful and forever indebted to, the rapper named African Outkast (Simbarashe Ryan Denga) as instrumental in connecting him with other industry players.

He also thanked Dough Major and Bradean Chitenderu, who have been his trusted advisors and true bros. Mike Made Magic gave him the boost he needed to create the “extraTIDECHious EP” in 2019, and Tidech is forever grateful.

Lastly, Tidech credited Boy Tricky for the discovery of his music by many. Although the list of supportive individuals in his life is endless, Tidech provides examples of those who have played a significant role in his music career.

Who would Tidech want to work with?

He expressed a deep desire to collaborate with several artists, both locally and internationally. He dreams of working with Takura, Ishan, and Nutty O, Zimbabwean artists who have made waves with their unique sounds. Internationally, Tidech sets his sights on working with Anderson .Paak and J. Cole, icons in the hip-hop world who continue to push boundaries with their music.

Despite his growing popularity, Tidech remains firmly grounded, always pushing himself to create music that surpasses his previous work. He has a few favorite producers, including Boy Tricky, with whom he has had much success. He also looks forward to working with Tatenda LXA, who he believes has the skills to take his music to the next level.

Tidech has exciting plans for the future, including a Shebeen Rap and Hip-Hop album, accompanied by music videos and surprise collaborations with other artists. His unique blend of Shona-based lyricism and soulful melodies promises to make a mark in the music industry, both locally and globally.

What is Tidech’s favourite song in his catalogue?

When asked about his favorite song, Tidech admits that it’s a tough call. Initially, “Happy” from the extraTIDECHious EP was his favorite, but that changed after he did a remix of Holy Ten’s “It’s Never Easy.” Tidech has fallen head over heels in love with the track, and he often replays it multiple times before moving on to the next song. As of now, Tidech considers the “It’s Never Easy” remix his favorite Tidech song, and it’s easy to understand why.

How can you get Tidech’s music?

I have said a lot about Tidech, but it’s your turn to verify all claims I have done thus far. You can access his music via the links below!



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