Grammy Museum announces iconic Morgan Heritage as guests for The Drop Series

The Grammy Museum has announced multi-Grammy winning Morgan Heritage as guests for The Drop Series on March 28. This is set to kickstart the culturally-iconic band’s global promotional tour, with planned stops in Los Angeles, New York, England, Germany, France, Uganda and Ghana. 

The Grammy Museum’s Drop series with Morgan Heritage will be an intimate session featuring a stripped-down performance and an exclusive conversation with the culturally-iconic band, focusing on new music and activities for the year. Morgan Heritage is a globally resounding reggae music family currently comprising the Trinity – Peetah Morgan, Gramps Morgan, and Mr. Mojo Morgan; all children of the late Reggae legend and Father of A Nation Hon. Ras Denroy Morgan Sr. 

Having released 12 studio albums over a career spanning two decades and won three Grammys, Morgan heritage has become synonymous with reggae music’s worldwide appeal. The Morgan brothers, heavily rooted in their Jamaican and African roots are looking to make their 13th studio album a by-product of their longstanding efforts to maintain the bridge of cultural exchange between Jamaica and Africa; a journey they’ve been on for nearly a decade.

Presale tickets for the session are live via


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