ICON: The Return Of Reggae Poptain

The Reggae Sabbatical 

The year is 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak. Bars are closed, clubs are restricted areas and everyone is locked inside. The circumstances were set up in a way that made sure that even the thoughts of a good time were quite far-fetched. Now imagine a party song in those circumstances, impossible right? Well not for Ameen Jaleel Yaseen AKA Poptain. In those trying and unfamiliar circumstances, the Dreadlocked Chanter released the scorching HIT Fadza Mutengi. The song was huge but what caught the nation’s eye were the seasoned Reggae hits that the chanter had churned out throughout his career. Munhu Wenyama, Pfau Pfau and Freedom were mind-numbing hits that drew people right back into their deepest consciences.

By Lennon Mudzengerere

For a while though, the dreadlocked musician has drifted away from that sound and the whole music fraternity has been crying out for the conscious dreadlocked Poptain who darted straight to their hearts.

“We might never get the dreadlocked Poptain due to alopecia but the authentic Reggae sound we came to love from Poptain is back and even better with the new single ICON. “

Lennon Mudzengerere

The Return Of Reggae Poptain

ICON! Well, I for one knew that Poptain would never starve us forever but man, he did take his time and quite predictably the wait was worth it. The new single from Poptain titled ICON is everything in terms of music.

“With a well-strummed instrumental with all the Reggae elements we have come to know from Jamaica but a smooth rhythm guitar strumming to give it that Zimbabwean feel. The vocals, well it is Poptain on a conscious Reggae vibe, you know that is always unmatched. The vocals are perfect.”

I cannot find a single element to critique when it comes to the vocals. The best part for me though is the lyrics. The composition is in English and it is on point. Speaking on leaving a mark in the world and reminding people that there is a need to ensure that our decisions are good enough for their peers to emulate. The message is quite befitting, especially after his long sabbatical from the reggae sound. During a time when Pontian’s fellow countrymen are struggling with mental health issues, reminding them that they are icons in their own right is a great vaccine against the various mental health ills. 

After this song, Poptain is somebody I am proud of. Poptain is a force to reckon with and when he does go his name will live on. Poptain is an ICON!Check out the song here.


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