Reunion Music in new love offering “UCHAWE WANGU”

Acapella group Reunion Music will release their new single UCHAWE WANGU on Friday the 10th February 2023. Reunion Music is a Music Ministry that commenced in 1996. The Organization’s birth was a result of an identified need and passion to spread the word of God. 


“The trademark melodies and harmonies of reunion are a unique sound always well-arranged intentional and a musical journey worth exploring.”

Reunion Music is driven by prayer, passion, talent and ideas that keep the team motivated to carry on through trials and temptations. They write and  compose their own songs and their Music is produced and performed at the highest professional level possible. The Organization consists of highly innovative Singers, Mentors, Composers, Arrangers, Designers and Event Managers who perform at the highest level possible, to contribute to the growth of the organization.

Since 1996 when the group was founded their have released 12 albums which include Thank You (First Album), Send Me (Second Album), Anondida (Third Album), Am Glad (Fourth Album)

UCHAWE WANGU is sweet accapella love and marriage ballad that reminds us of a commitment of love for one another everyday till death do us part. If music is therapy this one is set to revive love among couples and reignite commitment once again.

“YOU’ LL BE MINE” Till death do us part, you’ll be mine and I will be yours, Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh you shall be mine and I will be yours Love is an everyday experience, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, this song encourages us to commit one to another in love, no matter what circumstance lets create strong bonds that no man can break bonds that are bound by faith and trust in each other and in God.”

I Need Thee (Fifth Album), Through The Years (First DVD) Testimonies (Sixth Album), Manithandane (Seventh Album) 

LORD I come (Eighth Album), Hallelujah (Ninth Album), Reunion Morning (Tenth Album)


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