Tinashe Mugabe:  The master of reality TV

The appetite for reality television has always been quite evident in this teapot-shaped country. Tinashe Mugabe and the Closure DNA show seem to be quenching that thirst and they are doing it quite well. 

By Lennon Mudzengerere, earGROUND

The Closure DNA Show

Zimbabwe has always had a strong appetite for reality television but the lack of resources seems to have been hampering the growth of that specific genre. Tinashe Mugabe of Global DNA took the initiative and created what I might say is the most consistent show on the local market The Closure DNA show.

The Closure DNA show is based on paternity disputes and is easily one of the most popular local productions at the present moment. The Closure DNA team travels around the country solving paternity disputes using science and Zimbabweans cannot get enough of the show. The premise of the show might not be entirely new but the execution is tops and that is what makes the show a gem. 

The show has been known to coin some of the funniest phrases and shaping street lingo in local conversations. Remember the popular ‘kukwidza forogonya yangu”, Kudya Bota! Well we have Tinashe Mugabe to thank for that. The show is quite entertaining and has shown that the local market still has a lot to offer in terms of reality television content.

“The calm nature of Tinashe Mogae in instances where the show gets quite heated has also been another major high-hat.”

It takes an unprecedented level of tenacity to get individuals to speak on issues that are somewhat personal on such a platform and Tinashe Mugabe seems to have mastered that skill. The brief history lesson explaining the location of each show is also quite captivating when it comes to the show. 

The Numbers 

With over 33 million total views on YouTube and over 160 000 subscribers, there is no denying that the show is a success. With pristine audio and video quality, it is easy to see why viewers are easily captivated by the show. To transcend to an audience that does not understand vernacular, the show has well-synced subtitles. It is easy to see why the show has become a junction for social conversations on both social media and mainstream media. The show is by all metrics a hit!

More Than Just Entertainment

Besides the entertainment value the show brings, the show has also managed to highlight the depth of the child marriages problem in Zimbabwe. There are several episodes, where some of the participants in the show got married before the legal age. This should be a strong signal to all stakeholders that regardless of the progress that has been made concerning the issue of child marriages, more still needs to be done. 

The show has helped a number of families find closure, connect with loved ones and their roots.

A show of defiance

Despite the great success Tinashe Mugabe’ s show The Closure DNA Show faced a major hurdle last year when the Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe ordered the paternity show to stop airing, arguing that Tinashe Mugabe was not professionally qualified nor competent to issue DNA test results. Prior to that the Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe had issued a letter blocking the show. However a determined Mugabe the battle after the High Court quashed the attempt to ban and shut down the show. The High Court ruled that the paternity DNA show could continue broadcasting.

The show is available on Youtube and also broadcasts every Wednesday at 1930hrs CAT on ZBC TV.

If you are looking for reality television that is entertaining with a twist of drama, you should check out The Closure DNA Show with Tinashe Mugabe here. 

Congratulations to Tinashe Mugabe and his wife on their new baby.

Images credit- The DNA Closure Show


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