Mutare’s Anesu David dancing his way to stardom

His name is Anesu David Rewayi, a dancer & choreographer. The talented creative is one of the most trending dancers online making a career from making viral Tik Tok videos. I had a conversation with Anesu from his Mutare base.

By Plot Mhako

I first got to know of Anesu last year when we were planning the first Amplifaya Festival. The festival producer Connie Mazani suggested that we could have him as one of the influencers and possibly bring him and his crew to perform at the festival in Harare. As someone who has spent the greatest part of my career promoting dance it took me 5 seconds to agree to the idea after seeing the dancer’s videos.

What is more interesting is that Anesu is an Accounting graduate and a Marketing practitioner. This explains how he has managed to build his brand online to become one of the most sought after dancers in Zimbabwe.

Born and raised in Mutare, Anesu David grew up with a strong passion for dance and his mother was very supportive.

“I remember growing up, we never had much but my mother made sure I had access to the legendary Michael Jackson’s DVDS. I was really fascinated with how he danced, but Chris Brown inspired me more to work on my craft.”

Anesu David

From the age of 7 to 18 break dancing was his main dance style. In 2017 he got his first job as a dance instructor at Lazshana Dance Academy in Mutare which later came to end that same year as the owner was relocating out of the country.

The following year he started his tertiary education studies at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) majoring in Accounting and established a dance group called East Hood. During his university life he was an active member of the CUT Arts club as a dancer and choreographer.

That is when he started posting more videos on social media and in 2018 and the dancer started getting more exposure. In the following years his dance career started booming, creating some of the trends with videos such as the Siki choreography, followed by Zvanga Zviri Obvious and I’m sorry dance challenge propelled into stardom.

Anesu pays tribute to the power of social media which as allowed him to reach wide and far opening some great doors in the way.

“Truly speaking, social media has been a game changer for me and dance crew. Truly grateful for the gigs that we got such as the Amplifaya Festival, weddings and successful dance classes.”


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