earGROUND digital media turns 5

Today is our 5th birthday. January the 23rd of 2018 is the day we created our facebook page and the journey began. We are still learning and have great zeal to grow.

Our monthly reach has over the past months shot from 2 million to an average 8 million plus monthly. Over the five years we published 900 articles on our news site, we produced at least 600 videos. We have featured, profiled and promoted hundreds of artists across our platforms, many have gone on to launch successful careers, some rising to national star status.

The earGROUND journey has been an intriguing one for me and the team. Derived from the phrase EAR TO THE GROUND, the media platform’s main goal has been to document, celebrate and promote Zimbabwean talent in various forms. We wanted to disrupt and challenge the status quo by giving space and amplifying voices of the many super talented creatives that we felt were struggling to be seen, heard and supported by the mainstream and existing media. We wanted to offer an alternative, stir unsettling but important conversations and help curate the future.

Living in Germany but rooted in Zimbabwe I wanted to tell the story from an outsider’s perspective who dreams for better. I wanted to have a platform that would literally keep its ear on the ground and deliver credible, positive, verified creative content.

It has not been an easy journey but very fruitful. A journey that has connected us to some amazing people at home, the diaspora and the world over. With a very youthful team of collaborators, writers, content creators and most importantly you the community we grew our following and reach through positive narratives.

Last year we successfully launched and activated a groundbreaking event AMPLIFAYA FESTIVAL which gave a platform to 40 young, emerging artists from the country’s 8 provinces. Preparations for an even bigger 2nd edition are already underway….

In 2021 we created the KOMBI STATION a mobile podcast and we drove around 6 provinces, interviewed and profiled 230 artists most whose stories and works had never been heard before.

One hope is to have platforms, initiatives that contribute to the professionalisation of the creative and cultural Industries in Zimbabwe with the goal of raising globally celebrated stars.

Our team has grown from a one man band to a team of six plus other freelance contributors. We have grown the brand into a sustainable business model doing work for various organisations, from listed companies, government departments, civic organisations, embassies and creative organisations. We also offer PR services and Business Strategy to artists of all disciplines in the creative sector.

In the past five years we won two awards and got nominated for the NAMA – Outstanding Online Media.

WE continue to grow, learn, improve and AMPLIFY new voices.

Thank you for supporting and believing in our work. Together we can!

Plot Mhako, earGROUND Founder & Chief Curator.


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