Winky D’s Eureka Eureka release ends

Its been 11 eventful, intriguing, enthralling yet tense days and the Eureka Eureka train comes to a halt. The release, one of the longest in Zimbabwean history kept everyone to the edge of their seats and “literally” stopped everything in the local entertainment space.

By Plot Mhako

Winky D has announced that Peter Friend featuring Nutty O release is the last from his much talked about and highly anticipated 14 track album. “The Eureka music ship has now reached its destination. We will never take for granted diligent musical efforts by all the artists who featured on the album. I owe you my deepest gratitude for dedicating your time and resources to listen to the music on the album. Till the next album, we say Eureka Eureka.” The statement partly read.

Eureka Eureka which is Winky D’s 12th studio offering was put together by some of the best Zimbabwean producers Jusa Dementor, Oskid and Layan Soulja; great instrumentalists and Zimbabwe’s top crop of young artists from various genres; internationally celebrated Dr Chaii and Shingai.

As the nation continues to enjoy the music, debate about the lyrical content and converse the whole album may the spirit of TOLERANCE prevail.

This project will go down in the books of history for not only its epic roll-out and collabos but for igniting intense conversations across all facets of the Zimbabwean society.

pictures _ Carringtons Photography


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