Tymon Mabaleka, Twice the Legend

Here is a tribute to the late, great Tymon Mabaleka, one of Zimbabwe’s best music producers who started his career as a star soccer player. We share with you nine things you probably didn’t know about Tymon Mabaleka who died in 2014.

By Mzala Tom @RealMzalaTom | 23 May 2020, published on Twitter.

1. Tymon Mabaleka (1949 – 2014) was a famous Highlanders soccer star and music producer. He was nicknamed “The Whitehorse”.

2. He was born in Nswazi in Umzingwane District. He attended Lozikeyi Primary School in Bulawayo. He did his high school at Mpophoma and Mzilikazi High Schools.

3. He played for the Highlanders FC. In 1973, the Highlanders won the Chibuku Trophy. He retired in 1982 to become a music producer.

4. After retiring from football he worked as a music producer at Gallo Records which later became Zimbabwe Music Corporation before it finally merged with Gramma Records. Many are familiar with the name Tymon Mabaleka on the vinyl records we grew up playing.

5. ZMC & Grammar were the biggest music production firms in the 80s and 90s. Tyson was the music producer and worked alongside the likes of the celebrated sound engineer Bothwell Nyamhondera.

6. Tyson produced Lovemore Majaivana’s album’s like “Stimela”, “Salanini Zinini”, “Isono Sami”, Kuleliyani’zwe”, “Dabuka Mhlaba”, “Mkhwenyana” & “Bambulele uMajola”, Scandals”, Ebony Sheikh’s “Emhlabeni Kunzima”, Vhuka Boys ‘ ” Mai Vanokosha”, Leonard Zhakata’s “Mugove”, John Chibadura , Oliver Mtukudzi, Ilanga, James Chimombe, Frontline Kids, Essentials Kasongo Band amongst many others.

7. Tymon was at some point was John Chibadura’s manager.

8. He was also responsible for transforming local music which was recorded in vinyl records into compact discs.

9. He was buried at Lady Stanely cemetery in Bulawayo. Tymon shaped the music industry in Zimbabwe. Even in his death he remains revered as the finest music producer to emerge from Zimbabwe.


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