James Eland to drop Like featuring R.Peels

It’s has been years since Zimbabweans have been trying to hit the international market and make a visible footprint on the globe.

Tafadzwa Gambiza

The 30 year old hip hop artist James Eland who is sign to an American record label JLawson Music Group has managed to build avenues for his music to be accepted in the states mainly clubs.

His music has been playing in different clubs and constantly on request on different radio stations. James Kamurai Mpofu wrapped up the year with almost 100k stream from his song GRAB A BOTTLE.

JAMES ELAND is set to drop his first song for 2023 which will feature Mr 45, R.Peels. We cannot talk about the current hip hop Industry without mentioning the number 45. R.Peels is the current record hold with the most songs on an hip hop album.

Controversial or miss understood. We think he is miss understood. If one takes time to listen to his music you will definitely understand what he will be tweeting about.

LIKE HEY is carries a club feel and will definitely be playing in the clubs in the states. With the way R.PEELS flows we have a strong feeling that it will be accepted and will be on rotation.

Keep your ears on the ground.


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