State of Zimdancehall 2022

As the Zimdancehall Awards organiser, l would like to appreciate each and everyone who has contributed in any way in Zimdancehall this year.

Blexs Gyver, Organiser _ ZimDancehall Awards

It wasn’t an easy year for Zimdancehall as Zim HipHop came out strong this year and it dominated from radio, social media and even in the streets. However, Zimdancehall remains the biggest genre in Zimbabwe with a plethora of filled up events.

Zimdancehall artists had dominated on bookings in and outside of Zimbabwe.

Some of the Highlights

  • Zimdancehall artists had many bookings in and outside Zimbabwe compared to the past years.
  • 2022 has been a year of corporate deals for a lot of Zimdancehall artists all because of its huge following and influence that it has in the country.
  • It has also been one of the most difficult years for the new, upcoming voices since they failed to deliver hit songs as is per the Zimdancehall culture.
  • This year we received more than 30 Riddims and of all these Riddims, less than 5 made impact
  • We also witnessed the launch of more than 20 albums from different artists but only a few were played.
  • In Zimbabwe there are more than 100 Studios recording Zimdancehall and most of these studios and producers are in Harare.
  • 2022 has also been a tough year for female artists. They struggled to even perform at big concerts.

More than 30 Riddims released but less than 5 made impact

In 2023 We shall play our role in restoring order in our industry. There has been an outbreak of violence at Zimdancehall shows. This is one of the main challenges we are facing at shows.

Whenever an expected artist doesn’t show up on stage, it has proven to be a recipe for disaster. In most cases, this is caused by promoters who are not paying artists before they show up.

It’s high time promoters valued and respected our local artists.

Overally this year 2022 was a good year for others and likewise not so good for others also.

Zimdancehall remains the biggest genre in Zimbabwe.

Now its time to wait for the Awards and for artists to reap from what they planted.πŸ™πŸΎ

Thank you all for standing with Zimdancehall πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡ΌπŸ™

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