Young DLC, Shows off with SHOW ME

It has been quite a magical year for the Zimbabwean music industry. From international accolades, international collaboration, bangers from new acts and more importantly premium quality music, 2022 will make its bow with the Zimbabwean music industry at quite a high peak. With all those highlights, it might not be the right moment yet t put the cap on the year if the new release by Young DLC is anything to go by. 

By Lennon Mudzengerere

Young DLC whose real name is Darlington Chikwewo is an established name in the music industry. Most people know him as a magician when it comes to music production but of late he has taken the initiative to spread his music magic as a recording artist. 

With his latest release titled Show Me it might be time for him to actually “show” the world just how good he is at the other end of the mic. The single is part of the build-up to his forthcoming album, “Electriano”. 

The lanky musician in several publications, the album will be his own interpretation of the Amapiano genre. The song features Drey on the vocals and I have to say, the delivery was quite something. There is that amazing element that melody brings to a great instrumental. With a raspy but well-choreographed voice, Young DLC delivered a breath-taking rap lyrical masterpiece that we rarely get from “dance” music. The vocals are well in sync with the beat progression and they are quite minimal. This allows the audience to immerse into the instrumental which is in its own right a masterpiece. 

Young DLC has always been known to experiment with different sounds and it was bound to be the same theme in Show Me.

The song takes the common electronic music element as the main theme it starts and adds on the quite famous Amapiano percussion set to create perfect fusion. What’s amazing is that all those different genre variants are well in sync and at no point do the variants sound feel out of pace. It has been a great year for Young DLC and quite an authoritative rumour has it that the internationally established producer will be launching his music label named Wewo music any time soon. The recording which is reported to have already brokered a deal with a multinational music distributor will go a long way in ensuring that the music industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. If the news is true, then certainly we are going to be hearing the.” Eyo, Young D!”  adlib for a very long time. Check out Show Me here  

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