By Munya Wekwa Makudo

Well it’s difficult to come up with the greatest song of all time in our musically blessed country but I have shortlisted what I believe are the top five songs of all time.

5 » Tozeza Baba by the late great Oliver Mutukudzi.

This song is definitely a cut above the rest. The message is timeless and the beat is on point.

Tozeza Baba » Oliver Mutukudzi

4 » Vanhu Vatema by Thomas Mapfumo.

This song is a master piece and it topped the charts for a very long time. The message of unity remains a very important message in Zimbabwe and Africa at large

Vanhu Vatema » Thomas Mapfumo

3 » Chitekete by Dembo.

The guitar work is magical and the vocals from the greatest of all time were out of this world! This song has been played for ages at parties and many functions it doesn’t fade.

Chitekete » Leonard Dembo

2 » Mugove by Zhakata

A timeless masterpiece which got the nation dancing. The instrumentals are out of this world. The lyrical content is unmatched. It’s a Zimbabwean story with a Zimbabwean beat and in many ways than one this song could be the greatest ever.

Leonard Zhakata

1 » Shaina by Alexio Kawara.

Now when we are talking about this song we are talking about a song that must be adapted as the national anthem of Zimbabwe. First of all if we talk about the instrumentals you will realize that Andy Brown was on fire with the guitar work not to talk about the music arrangement. The message is timeless. It’s a message of hope. It’s the song you want to hear when you wake up. It inspires one to go out there and do their best no matter what happens shine like the Sun. As the sun rises you too must rise. In my own opinion I believe there is no song in Zimbabwe that has surpassed Shaina!

Shaina » Alexio Kawara


One comment

  1. You already mentioned greatest of all times on Chitekete of which you’re correct, only Chitekete but Tinokumbira Kurarama as well. Dembo music is unfazed forever.


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