The epic return of Mateo and Friends 

They were the 90s Rockstars. The star studded music group Mateo and Friends which comprised of Matthew Kaunda (Aka Mateo), Willbroad Muponda (aka Willom Tight) and Patience Musa made the 90s memorable with their soulful and rooted songs such as Pamuhacha, Watoda rugare and Asambe Africa. The band will be returning with a glamorous performance at Theatre in the Park this Friday the 9th of December 2022 from 6 PM till late. 


It’s now time to appreciate local talent and content by bringing back those who had parted ways or parked their music business.

Rooftop Promotions` producer Daves Guzha

He also added that Mateo and Friends have done much in music, hence they deserve to be welcomed and celebrated. The band manager Godfrey Mbanga expressed hope and excitement towards the return of the trio.  

Mateo Kaunda, Patience Musa and Willom Tight who make up the Mateo & Friends outfit met at comedian Edgar Langeveldt’s Nexus Talent Agency in the late 90s.

Willom, who was a member of the Zim Jam group together with Langeveldt, hung around; Patience had come to the agency in a bid to refine her voice while Mateo came in search of backing vocalists after a stint with Albert Nyathi in 1993. 


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