Trapsoul artist Foreighn breaks borders

Born Eugh Panashe Nyakabau on the 1st of August 1997 in Zimbabwe Harare, Foreighn identifies as a Trapsoul artist for he is both a singer and a rapper, who infuses his sound with the modern 808’s with a swing of soul. He recently dropped a new solid body of work.

Foreighn is currently based in Zambia and is signed to Zambian independent Record Label Zed Arts Records with Princess Natasha Chansa. 

His style extends from his upbringing and cultural identity fused into who is today being raised in both Botswana and South Africa. As an artist and a medical student, he explores the many facets of his identity and passion for humanity through his music infused with a poet background. “Music is the language of ambiguity, where you can say more than one thing at the same time. The motions of expression without retribution.”

He believes music to be a powerful means of communication with anybody and everybody regardless of their background. An opportunity to be, to teach and to learn. We are all connected, and music is a way in which we can expand on that connection, it is who we are and I am. And as a famous poet once said, “If music be the food of life, play on!”

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