Of Music ,Cults and Making Money ( or Trying ) Part 1

What do you think brings people together to support a sports team, politician, musician?

Written By Masimba Biyasi

While you think about this allow me to throw in another question, how much influence as a musician do you need to make it?

I have always watched in amazement how music can change how people move , dress and in some cases walk and talk . Music is one artform that can make you cry , fall in love , laugh , smile and in some cases commit a crime so I have read plus a whole lot of other things . Would I be wrong to say musicians low-key have formed cults ? Cults with members that are spread out all over the world . 

In my opinion I would say music and relegion are siblings , just like a pastor a young man making music in Mufakose or in Luveve can reach out and gain a following and loyalty from someone in Soweto just like a Pastor would . In the case of the third world however that is where in most cases the comparison ends . The Pastors rack in the money and most musicians just become famous and penniless . How does it happen this way when both probably command the same levels of influence and have a cult following of sorts ? Before we get there allow to talk about how I think both players amass a huge following .

Like a politician the two people above mentioned players need people to survive , I remember reading a book by probably the most influential Chinese from the last century Mao Ze Dong . He talks about him and members of his party being fish and the Chinese people being water for them to swim in . This simply teaches us that for anyone whose target market it the people to survive they need people to be on their side . But now the major question is How do you get the people to be on your side ? 

I am very confident in saying if you want to make it GIVE THE PEOPLE SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN AND THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU AND DO AS YOU COMMAND . 

You have to ask yourself as to why some musicians or pastors (my prime examples among the countless lot) have names they call themselves and their followers such as Winky D when he ran with MaNinja , Seh Calaz (Mabhanditi) the list is endless . Do they do this just for the sake of it or it is intentional ? 

  ( End Of Part 1) 


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