Nutty O on a whirlwind: A year into the Mustard Seed

It has been just over a year since the release of the hit album Mustard Seed. It has been a whirlwind year for Nutty O and if the optics are anything to go by, higher is the only road. I take a look at some of the milestones.

By Lennon Mudzengerere


With a hit loaded album Nutty O followed up with the release of scorching visuals stretching his creative imagination. Over the past year, the ABX boss has released a slew of top-of-the-range videos namely Kung-FU, Finesse, Be My Girl, Ndiwe, Peter Pan, Open Doors and Shoulder which have all done well online and also received good rotation on some of the big media platforms such as Trace and MTV.

Maintaining the standard, he set for himself on the Safe video, the chanter is building quite a strong following on YouTube. It is only a matter of time until he gets his silver plaque. Nutty O seems to be saving the best for last though as the national anthem and undoubtedly the biggest song on his album (statistically), Handipere Power is still to get to visuals. With the audio version already clocking over a million views the visuals if he is to release one will surely hit a milestone. 

Live Shows 

Nutty O has had a brisk season as evidenced by his booking frequency over the past year which continues unabated. With Covid restrictions finally on the wayside, the chanter has done nothing but prosper. In February Nutty O put up a spirited performance at the NAMA awards alongside Nyasha David. That was a highlight of how he hoped to perform for the whole year. The Gateway Stream Music’s star studded Redefined concert was also another chance for Nutty O to prove his mettle amongst two of the biggest stars in the country Winky D and Jah Prayzah and he lived up to the billing.  

On the international scene, the boy has been to South Africa, Poland, Germany, and the UK. His recent show in Köln, Germany alongside Exq and Dj Tamuka was off the mark and the audience gave rave reviews.

One thing that has been consistent though since the release of his album is an improvement. His stage act has become more polished and his vocal presence has significantly come of age.  The drive and workmanship reaffirms the promise he made at the recent Castle Lager National Braai Day to bring a BET award back home.


With a banging album, Nutty O has resisted the temptation to release more music though he has hinted on a single titled Makanonoka and another forthcoming collaboration featuring Ishan, Holy Ten and Tamy Moyo. The super star has realized that market saturation is amazing but over-saturation on the other hand is terrible. The saying goes familiarity breeds contempt and for ears Nutty O has managed to steer away from that part of the sea. 

The Mustard Seed album remains the most exceptional and unmatched body of work in Zimbabwe a year since release.

Nutty O at Castle Lager National Braai Day 2022

For the thirsty audience though, there have been some scorching collaborations. With features on Holy Ten albums and one of the best verses on the Fire Emoji remix, there is no doubt that the young king still has it in his veins and a lot up his sleeves. 

Nutty O’s verse on the Fire Emoji remix is testimony that he is more than a Dancehall artist but a versatile and profound creative and that the BET he promised might not be far off. 

Nutty O Performing in Germany

Off Stage

Whilst delivering magic on stage, Nutty O has been ticking the right boxes from one engagement to the other by scooping several brand deals with the likes of Chicken Inn, Oraimo, First Bank amongst others. Often-times when Zimbabwean artists cross the border they miss the chances to engage foreign markets, the media and institutions that propel their career to the next step but Nutty O has left no stone unturned.

During his recent UK tour he featured on one of the most followed podcasts shows The Afrobeats Podcast hosted by Adesope and the popular radio show Destination Africa on BBC 1 Extra hosted by Dj Edu where he shared very profound insights. He also had recording sessions with the likes of Dj Spinal, Jae 5 and the multi-talented UK based producer Rymez who has produced for artists like Wizkid & Burna Boy.

For the past year, Nutty O has managed to sharpen his artistic corners. It is only right to conclude that Nutty O has it all except controversy. A well managed brand, kudos to Diana ABX and the whole crew for carrying Zimbabwe’s international hopes on their shoulders with great diligence.



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