European Film Festival Zimbabwe announces winners for the Biskop Short Film Contest 2022

The European Film Festival Zimbabwe (EuroFilmFestZW)’s has announced the winning films for the Biskop Short Film Contest 2022. The competition is part of this year’sEuroFilmFestZW 2022 program, which runs from 20-23 October in Bulawayo, and 27-30 October in Harare. 

“The competition in its third year was open to filmmakers from across Zimbabwe and in the diaspora (Europe/Africa) and the winners are expected to be announced very soon.”

This year’s line-up consists of screenings of prime European feature films, a curated selection of African short films ( including the winning films from the Bioskop competition), and the festivals first Input conference, a platform dedicated to the business side of film.


Chingwa | Directed by Mordekai Beven Musona


Life of the extremely beautiful | Directed by Derrick Manieca


Basketry in Binga | Directed by Prosper Kunyetu


EXODUS: A Journey to New Worlds | Directed by Danayi Madondo & Derrick Manieca


Eruption | Directed by Sinomtha Nduna (South Africa)

Exodus: A Journey to New Worlds is creative expression & commentary on how we engage and experience digital technology in present day society. It explores ideas around migration, movement & our need as humans to move & /or escape our present day reality.

Migration has often been associated with the physical movement from one space to another. “Exodus” looks at how the narrative around migration is evolving through tech advancements & increased use of social connectivity platforms. Today, tech allows us to move beyond space & time, to connect, experience & venture into new & imagined realms & realities.


Eruption is a film that tells a story of many. What drew me to direct this film was hearing stories from those who have survived depression and for those I know who unfortunately lost the battle and for us, who have had first hand experience of depression and anxiety.

Mental health and substance use disorders have affected 13% of the world’s population. That number could increase as people around the world shelter in place and adjust to a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.


The Short Documentary explores the art of Basketry in Binga which is done by women in the women-led organization. Basket weaving has been part of the Tonga people who are grossly located in Binga Zimbabwe and parts of Zambia. This skill has been passed from generation to generation through oral tradition.

“This year will be the third edition of the contest, running under the theme ‘Shifting Perceptions’. Change is difficult.” Gilmore Tee, Festival Coordinator 


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