Shem Zemura the living legend

by Tafadzwa Gambiza

“The best stories are the ones with the unexpected plot twists that no one would have guessed, even the writer”. Some years ago, If he didn’t fail his interview he would be a police office today

Today we celebrate the legend as he turns a year older. Shem Zemura is an award wining Zimbabwean filmmaker, television producer, director, cinematographer, and writer. Currently he has 4 NAMA Awards and he has also won Best Southern African film award at the Sotambe Film Festival in Zambia for his second feature film Death And Other Complications meaning. He is the first Zimbabwean to win the award.

In 2016 he worked on an award winning drama, Muchaneta and Muzita Rababa which had almost every Zimbabwean tuned to the tv. The soap was very relatable as it also touched on socialite issues. Which still a conversation in some corners.

Shem became the first filmmaker to be nominated for two NAMAs for Best Production Television and Best Production film. In 2018 he was nominated for Best Director and Best Editor for his film Kushata Kwemoyo at Lake International Film Festival in Kenya.

His production include Tangled which is showing on 3kTv, Muzita Rababa, Kushata Kwemoyo, Muchaneta, Death and other Complications, Stay With Me, My Lady and Freedom Beyond Walls.

Catch tangled every Monday and Wednesday at 1900hrs

Wishing Shem Zemura more years of creativity


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